WiFi Data Contracts


1. WiFi Data is NOT automatically allocated to existing Vodacom MBB Data contracts and is only available to new contracts or in the case of a customer upgrading to a Vodacom/WiFi Data contract or migrating to a Vodacom/WiFi Data contract.

2. Existing Vodacom migration rules will apply.

3. Upgrades eligibility will be in month 22

4. The contract will continue on a month-to-month basis after month 24 is reached, unless it is cancelled or renewed/upgraded.

5. A 30 day notice period will apply in the case of a cancellation as per existing cancellation rules.

6. Early cancellation fees will apply to a contract and calculated as per existing early cancellation rules.

7. Carry-over of Vodacom Data is up to 60 days.

8. Carry-over rules of WirelessG data will be verbatim to that of Vodacom data carry over rules above.

9. Vodacom/WiFi Data contracts are eligible for Night Owl data on the Vodacom data allocation only.

10. Existing order of consumption rules applicable for Vodacom data will apply (last in, first out).

11. The purchase of multiple bundles will be allowed – consumption of them will be first purchased, first consumed and depleted before another bundle can be consumed.

12. Vodacom/WiFi Data contract can purchase unlimited amounts of Vodacom Once-Off bundles.

13. Vodacom/WiFi Data contracts can purchase unlimited Vodacom Once-off WiFi Bundles.

14. No order of consumption is applicable between Vodacom Data and WiFi data as this is determined by which WAN the customer selects.

15. Vodacom/WiFi Data contracts will be lodged as SIM only deals, but deals including devices will be made available via various Sales Channels.

16. Vodacom Data and WiFi Data will be charged for the volume of data sent/received and not in respect of time spent connected.

17. The WiFi Data will have no out-of-bundle rate, thus a WiFi bundle will need to be purchased in order to continue using the WiFi WAN.

18. Standard SMS rates will apply.

19. Data allocations of both Vodacom and WiFi will be pro-rated in the month of activation according to the date of activation.

20. The Vodacom SIM card issued on Vodacom/WiFi Data contracts will be voice capable and voice services will be billed in accordance with the tariff plans as is currently lodged for MBB Data Contracts.

21. Customers will be able to activate the Multi Data SIM service, but can only be utilised on the Vodacom Data portion.

22. Roaming rates will be in accordance with existing data roaming rates applicable to Vodacom Data Roaming.

23. WiFi Data cannot be used when roaming internationally.

24. Usage notifications for Vodacom Data will follow existing rules for Vodacom Data bundles and contracts (70 %, 90 % and 100 % depletion of Vodacom Data Bundle).

25. Usage for WiFi data will follow Vodacom Data notifications as mentioned above.

26. WiFi bundles can only be used in a WirelessG and AlwaysOn hot spot.



1. Once-Off and recurring WiFi bundles will be made available to all Prepaid, Top Up and Post Pay customers on Voice or Data price plans.

2. WiFi bundles will be available as a Once-Off purchase or Recurring purchase.

3. Unlimited amounts of Once-Off WiFi bundles can be purchased per subscriber.

4. Once-Off WiFi bundles will be valid for 30 days from and including the date of purchase for Top Up and Prepaid.

5. Recurring WiFi bundles will be valid for up to 60 days from and including the date of purchase.

6. Once-Off and recurring WiFi bundles will have no out-of-bundle rate.  The customer will be required to purchase an additional Wif-Fi bundles in order to continue using the WiFi WAN.

7. WiFi bundles can only be used in a WirelessG and AlwaysOn hot spot.

8. Multiple WiFi bundles will be allowed to be purchased simultaneously but the order of consumption rule will apply.

9. Unused WiFi allocations will have a carry-over of up to the last day of the next calendar month in the case of a recurring bundle, and a 30-day validity from and including the date of purchase in the case of once-off Bundles.

10. All terms and conditions contained in Vodacom’s standard airtime agreements shall apply to its WiFi offering.