Vodacom eBilling

What is it?

Get your Vodacom bill sent directly to your email inbox with our improved and informative ebilling service. You can access all your Vodacom Contract account information simply and securely to manage and understand your monthly usage.

Why should I get eBilling?

    • Help the environment by going paperless

    • It’s a reliable way to ensure that your spend information is easily accessible no matter where in the world you are

    •Save current and previous bills so that you can compare your monthly usage

How do I register for eBilling?

To receive your Vodacom eBill, login to your My Vodacom account and click on ‘My Details’ on the left of the page, then select the ‘Billing Details’ tab.

For further information, call 082 111, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.

How much does it cost?

Registration for the Vodacom eBilling service is FREE.

Receiving your monthly eBill in your email inbox is FREE.