How do I get my itemised bill?

What is it?

With Vodacom Prepaid Itemised Billing, you can view your transaction history online.

Why should i use Prepaid Itemised Billing?

Keep track of your personal or business cellphone expenditure, online at any time

Get information on who you called, when, for how long and the cost

Vodacom Prepaid Itemised Billing allows you to keep track of your personal or business cellphone expenditure. It provides detailed information on:

    ​• Numbers dialled

    ​• Call duration

    ​• Cost

    ​• Date and time of calls

How do i get Prepaid Itemised Billing?

To subscribe to Vodacom Prepaid Itemised Billing, register or login to My Vodacom and click on ‘My billing’.

You will be then able log in to your account online and view:

    ​• A mini statement reflecting your last 10 transactions

    ​• A 30-day transaction statement

    ​• Your previous calendar month’s statement

For more information, call Vodacom's Customer Care Centre on 082 111, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.

    ​• To view a mini statement online is FREE of charge

    ​• To have a 30 Day statement or previous calendar month statement emailed or faxed to you will cost R10 per request