Pep 10% back on recharges promotion

Terms and Conditions

1. The promotion is only open to Prepaid customers and excludes Top Up, Contract customers and Community Services SIMs.

2. The Promotion is open for new Prepaid customers who purchase their starter pack at any Pep store between and including the 25th of October 2013 and 28th of November 2013 only.

3. This promotion is open to the above mentioned customers who opt-in by sending “Pep” to 31118 between and including the 25th of October 2013 and the 28th of November 2013 only.

4. Customers may only opt in once.

5. Customers will receive the airtime reward for 90 days from the day of activation if they opt in to the promotion between the above mentioned dates, but will only receive it 3 times – this will happen in cycles of 30days. Each of the airtime rewards will be an accumulation of 10% (R1 for every R10 recharged) of the customer’s recharges for that 30 day period.

6. This promotional airtime is valid for 30 days only.

7. All unused rewarded airtime will expire after 30 days.

8. This does not include airtime purchased at other retailers.

9. This additional airtime which will be rewarded to the customer cannot be transferred via the airtime transfer service.

10. Discounted airtime (such as discounts received from talking points) will not be eligible for the rewards.

11. Subscribers will not receive additional loyalty rewards for the extra airtime they receive.

12. There is no limit on the recharge amount but there is a limit of R1 000 airtime for the airtime reward.

13. The minimum rewards will be rounded up to R1 (e.g. if you recharge with R 5 airtime only within a 30 day cycle, you qualify for R 0.50 as a reward; but this will be rounded up to R 1).

14. This promotion does include recharges made via the financial institutions.

15. Customers using the following will not be eligible:

      a. Starter Pack preload airtime

      b. Vodacom Millionaires Airtime prizes

      c. Airtime Advance

      d. Airtime transfer transactions

      e. Airtime awarded through loyalty rewards.