Month-to-month data bundle promotion terms and conditions

1. The promotion will be valid until 06 April 2014

2. The promotion will be valid for the following Mobile Internet Contract and Top Up month-to-month data bundles

Bundle Bundle MB Was Price
MyMeg 100 100 R49 R29
MyMeg 250 250 R99 R59
MyMeg 500 500 R149 R99
MyGig 1 1024 R249 R149
MyGig 2 2048 R349 R249

3. The promotion will be available to postpaid and Top Up voice contract customers

4. The promotion will not be available to postpaid or Top Up data contract customers

5. The promotion will not be available to prepaid customers

6. The promotion pricing will only be valid for new month-to-month promotional data bundles purchased during the promotional period

7. The promotion will not be valid for existing month-to-month data bundles

8. A customer with an existing month-to-month data bundle that does not get the promotional benefit will be able to cancel an existing month-to-month bundle and purchase a promotional month-to-month bundle during the promotional period

9. The promotional pricing will only be valid for the promotional period

10. The promotional pricing for the promotional month-to-month bundles will revert back to the usual price in the market after the promotional period

11. The promotional month-to-month bundles that were purchased during the promotional period will not be cancelled after the promotional period

12. Customers with promotional month-to-month bundles will have to cancel the promotional month-to-month bundles after the promotional period if they elect not to pay the usual month-to-month bundle pricing

13. A customer can only have one active month-to-month bundle at a time

14. A customer can terminate a month-to-month bundle at any time

15. If the bundle allocation of a month-to-month bundle is depleted and there is no additional once-off bundles available, an out-of-bundle rate will apply to last day of the current month

16. Any unused data will carry-over to the last day of the next month

17. The promotional month-to-month bundles will not be allocated Night Owl data

18. A customer can purchase unlimited Mobile Internet once-off bundles in addition to the promotional month-to-month bundle

19. The MB allocation and price will be prorated for the first month of the promotional month-to-month bundle

20. Month-to-month bundles do not apply to data roaming