How do I connect to the LTE network?

To access and activate the LTE service you will need to:

    • Be a Vodacom customer (LTE is available to Contract, Top Up and Prepaid customers)

    • Have an LTE capable device/modem and/or LTE capable handset that operates on the 1800MHz frequency band – View the list of supported devices

    • Have a 64k or a 128k SIM in the device and as a Primary SIM card

    • Have the free LTE service activated on the SIM in the device

    • An SMS will be sent confirming the activation of the LTE service

    • Set the phones’ APN to (You may need to reboot your phone)

    • If you are a Vodacom Business customer, please set the APN to your corporate’s APN.

    • Set the network mode on the device to automatic

    • You must be in an area that is covered by the Vodacom LTE data network

You can manually activate the LTE service at any time in any Vodacom Outlet, or by calling Customer Care (111 or 155) or by logging in to My Vodacom; manual activation can take up to 24 hours.

To show that you are in an LTE coverage area, your device will display either: 4G, L, 4 or LTE in your network coverage information.

Which devices are compatible with LTE?

View the list of supported devices