Please Call Me

Your best friend when you’ve run out of airtime

Send up to 10 FREE Please Call Me SMSs every day

When airtime is not on your side, send a Please Call Me! It’s the quickest way to contact someone when you’ve run out of airtime on your cellphone.

 The Please Call Me service lets you send FREE messages to friends and family on all South African networks, asking them to call you. It’s a great way of getting in touch when you don’t have any airtime to make calls or send SMSs. And it can really help you out in an emergency.

Our enhanced Please Call Me service gives you more control

Simply dial *140# to:

    • Personalise the message by adding your name.

    • Block certain contacts from sending you Please Call Me requests (only messages from Vodacom customers)

    • Choose to receive adverts in Please Call Me messages.

How do I send a Please Call Me message?

Simply dial *140*(recipient’s cellphone number)#

An SMS will be sent to the person, with your number and the words: “Please Call Me”.

How much does it cost?

The Please Call Me service is FREE.

You can send up to 10 FREE Please Call Me messages every day.