Everyday Extra Terms & Conditions

1. Everyday Extra Promotion will commence 7 March to 8 June 2014.

2. Everyday Extra Promotion is available to you as a Prepaid customers only (excluding Prepaid 79c customers).

3. Contract and Community Services SIMs are excluded from participation in the promotion.

4. When you recharge with R12 or more you will be offered an Everyday Extra minutes bundle which you can purchase for a discounted fee. This bundle needs to be used during the allocated time period as communicated in the offer SMS.

5. Multiple recharges per day will result in multiple offers being presented to you, there is no limit in number of offers.

6. From the time you recharge and are presented with the offer via SMS you have until midnight the following day to purchase your Everyday Extra minutes bundle before it expires.

7. The discounted fee for the bundle will be deducted directly from your airtime balance upon purchase via *111#.

8. A list of all active offers will be available via *111# in the Everyday Extra balance option.

9. Everyday Extra minute bundles apply to On-net (Vodacom to Vodacom) calls, including “Callback”, and will be consumed on a per minute basis. Off-net calls will be charged at your existing tariff rate.

10. If the time of purchasing your Everyday Extra minute bundle falls into the allocated time period that you are offered you will have the remainder of the time period on that day to use the minutes as well as the same time period for the next day/s as stipulated in your offer.

11. All Everyday Extra minute bundles have an expiry period in days, as specified in the offer SMS. This expiry will apply from the time of purchase.

12. The following call types are excluded from the offering:

     Off- Net voice and video calls

     SVS, SMS, Data, MMS

     Reverse Charge

     Call Sponsor calls

     Call Forwarding

     Video Calls

     International & roaming calls

     Directory Enquiry calls

     Through Connect (off-net)

     Premium rated calls


     Conference Calls

     Message forwarding

     General Service calls

     VAS Calls

13. You will not be eligible for the reward if you have been recharged in the following way:

     • Airtime awarded through Loyalty rewards

     • Starter Pack Pre-loaded airtime

     • Airtime Advance

     • Vodacom Millionaires Airtime Prizes

     • All airtime transfer transactions

     • Top Up Subscription Airtime

14. If you have redeemed airtime discount through the Talking Points program you are eligible to participate in the promotion. Existing talking points (Loyalty) call discounts will be applicable only after the Everyday Extra minutes bundle is depleted.

15. Vodacom reserves the right to disconnect non-customer SIMS [SIMBOX] using this promotion.

16. The offers will be available for purchase up to the last day of the promotion and the Everyday Extra minute bundle  will be available to use in accordance with allocated time frame

17. Vodacom reserved the right to extend or curtail this promotion in its sole discretion.