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Prepaid data promotion

Save up to 84% on selected Prepaid data bundles!

Do you want to explore more of the Internet on your phone?

It’s easy and affordable with our new promotional prices for Prepaid data bundles. Buy any of these Prepaid once-off bundles listed below, as often as you want, and you can enjoy great value and more Internet on the go.

To purchase once-off data bundles:

     • Log in to My Vodacom, click on “Buy bundles” and select “Promotional bundles


     • Dial *111#, reply ‘2’ for “Buy bundles and services”, then ‘1’ for “Data Bundles”.

       Select either ‘1’ or ‘2’ to buy bundles for yourself or another number, then reply ‘3’ for “Promotional” and choose your bundle.

Please note: Data usage notifications will be sent at 3MB remaining and at 100% bundle depletion. Once the bundle is depleted, out-of-bundle rates will apply. Prepaid promotional data bundles are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. All pricing includes VAT.

Bundle Megabytes Allocation Current price Promo price
MyMeg 30 30 R25 R12
MyMeg 100 100 R49 R29
MyMeg 250 250 R99 R59
MyMeg 500 500 R159 R99
MyGig 1 1 024 R279 R149
MyGig 2 2 048 R369 R249
MyGig 3 3 072 R499 R299
MyGig 5 5 120 R829 R399
MyGig 10  1 0240 R1 629 R599
MyGig 20 20 480 R3 199 R999



Standard Prepaid Once-off bundles

Buy data for all your devices when you need it!

Prepaid Once-off data bundles are great if you want to try out the Internet for the first time. This option is ideal if you don’t exceed your bundle often and want to take advantage of the lower in-bundle rates. You can buy as many once-off bundles as you wish. Remember that you get HSPA + with HSUPA as well as LTE for FREE.

To purchase, log into My Vodacom , download the My Vodacom app from the app store on your smartphone or dial *111# from your Vodacom cellphone.

Bundle Bundle MB Price
MyMeg 10 10 R9
MyMeg 30 30 R25
MyMeg 100 100 R49
MyMeg 250 250 R99
MyMeg 500 500 R159
MyGig 1 1024 R279
MyGig 2 2048 R369
MyGig 3 3072 R499
MyGig 5 5120 R829
MyGig 10 10240 R1 629
MyGig 20 20480 R3 199