Trouble logging in or registering?

You may get an error message when trying to register or login to the mobi site from your device.

It’s possible that your device does not accept cookies, but if this occurs, please use the step-by-step guide below to help you set up your device to accept cookies. 

What’s a cooki‚Äče?

A “cookie” keeps a record of your browser activity and recognises sites and pages that you’ve visited before.

In this way, your device guards your information and ensures that there is a secure connection before you interact on a web or mobi site.

How do I enable cookies on my device?

We’ve used 3 popular devices below, but most devices follow similar steps.

Apple iPhone 4s:

     1. Go to Settings

     2. Select > Safari

     3. Scroll down to “Accept Cookies”

HTC One X:

     1. Open mobile web browser.

     2. Select > Menu

     3. Select > Settings

     4. Select > Privacy & security

     5. Scroll down to “Accept Cookies”

Samsung Galaxy S3:

     1. Open mobile web browser.

     2. Go to Settings

     3. Select > Privacy and security

     4. Scroll down to “Accept Cookies”