Contract price plans

No more recharging! These Contract price plans offer you really low call charges and are great if you mostly speak during off-peak periods.

Forget peak and off-peak rates! Chat whenever you like. Choose one of our value-for-money Talk price plans, with inclusive Anytime Minutes and FREE More Minutes. If you speak a lot on your cellphone, these Talk price plans are ideal, offering FREE minutes and affordable out-of-bundle all day rates.

Price Plan Cost Free Minutes
4 U Contract R0 0
All Day 100 R100 100 Anytime (Vodacom to Vodacom)
EveryDay Off-Peak R135 120 Everyday off-peak
Business Call R185 0
Business Call s R185 0
Talk 75s R189 75
Frequent Call s R230 0
Talk 120s R300 120
Talk 130 R315 130 Anytime
Talk 200s R430 200
Talk 240 R430 240 Anytime
EveryDay Off-Peak 500 R450 500
Talk 350s R630 350 Anytime
Corporate 550s R730 550 Anytime (Vodacom to Vodacom)
Talk 500s R800 500 Anytime 100 free SMS
Talk 1000s R1540 1000 Anytime 200 free SMS
Shared Talk 1500 R2965 1500 Anytime 1GB Data


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