Vodacom BlackBerry 10 BBM Usage Terms and Conditions

The service is designed for use on a Blackberry 10 device and it is not compatible with any other handset. On-device usage constitutes data accessed across the internet APN whilst utilising the Service. Utilising the Service, customers are able to access to all services that the Blackberry 10 Smartphone is capable of accessing subject to the Data Allowance (defined below). As there will be no handset authentication upon purchasing the service, the onus is on the customer to ensure that his/her handset supports The Service prior to purchasing The Service. The Service will include a 200MB data allowance to be used to access BBM text messaging as well as BBM file transfer only. Customers that exceed the 200MB data allowance will be charged at the customers’ prevailing data tariff. All other BBM services including but not limited to BBM Voice, BBM Video, and Screen Sharing are not included in the data allowance. All BBM data traffic that is not BBM text messaging or BBM file sharing will be charged at the customers’ prevailing data rate. The data allowance does not include any non-BBM services such as browsing, media streaming and application data traffic. All data traffic that is not for the BBM text messaging service or the BBM file transfer service will be charged at the customers’ prevailing data rate.The current file transfer limit for BBM is 6 MB except for voice notes. The limit for voice notes are 96KB for single chat and 55KB for multi-person chat.