Vodacom Back Up

What is it?

With Vodacom Back Up, you can save, synchronise and restore information from or to your cellphone from any other cellphone, should it be lost, damaged or stolen. For only R10.00 per month on your Vodacom Contract, or if you are a Prepaid or Top Up customer, you can enjoy absolute peace of mind knowing that your private information is always safe, secure and easily accessible to you. Each update to Vodacom Back Up will overwrite all previous information, which means that only the latest information you save onto your phone is kept after each sync!

Why should I use the Back Up service?

Safely restore, synchronise and save important information from or to your cellphone

Ensure that you always have instant access to your phonebook and important information if your cellphone is lost, stolen or damaged.

Transfer information when you purchase a new cellphone or when you upgrade your Contract

How do I get the Back Up service?

To activate the Back Up service, simply SMS ‘Subscribe’ to 30678. This opt-in option is for Prepaid customers only.

If you are a Contract or Top Up customer, you must activate/deactivate this service via Customer Care.

To unsubscribe, SMS ‘Unsubscribe’ to 30678

To synchronise Back Up, click ‘Synchronise’ in the Back Up option.

To restore Back Up, click ‘Restore your data’ in the Back Up option

For more information, call 082 111, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone or contact your Service Provider.

How much does it cost?

The Vodacom Back Up subscription of only R10.00 per month will be conveniently added to your Contract cellphone bill or deducted from your Prepaid airtime at the beginning of each month.